Booker DiMaio, LLC DevOps System Administrator (MySQL) in Annapolis Juction, Maryland


? Responsible for administering a large cluster of virtual machines across multiple products.

? Responsible for maintaining MySQL and MongoDB clustered systems including configuring for fail-over and replication.

? Responsible for performing system monitoring, performing necessary system configurations and conducting system upgrades.

? Responsible for provisioning of new systems across multiple virtual machine zones.

? Responsible for deployments of several GOTS products at the conclusion of Sprints.

? Responsible for maintaining Jenkins continuous integration server and Nexus repository.

? Responsible for ensuring compliance with COTS and GOTS security alerts.

? Responsible for performing system backups and restorations as needed.

? Provide technical support to engineers to document system site plan.

? Responsible for providing solutions to automate and streamline system monitoring.

? Responsible for conducting periodic security reviews including executing security scans.


? Apache NiFi


? Kibana

? Logstash

? Apache Tomcat

? MongoDB


? Linux

? Jenkins

? Nexus


Familiar with:


? Scrum and Agile

? Confluence

? Linux shell scripting


? IAVA process

? Java experience is a plus!