Advantage Living Centers Communities Social Services in Detroit, Michigan

Job Summary

As a member of the interdisciplinary, the Social Worker provides services to respond to the emotional needs of Residents and their families. This employee also assists with Resident admissions and the referral process.


Minimum of Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work or a bachelor’s degree in a human services field including, but not limited to, sociology, gerontology, special education, rehabilitation counseling, and psychology, Master’s Degree preferred. One year supervised social work experience working directly with individuals in a long-term or sub-acute care rehabilitation. Current Social Work license in the state preferred Knowledge of regulatory standards and compliance requirements. Working knowledge of personal computer and software applications used in job functions, (word processing, graphics, databases, spreadsheets, etc.) Strong organizational and analytical skills; oral and written communication skills. Working knowledge and ability to apply professional standards of social work practice in job situations. Current knowledge of state and federal laws and regulations that apply to practice of social work in long-term care. Essential Functions and Responsibilities

Resident Support Services:

As part of the admission process, meet with the Resident and family to review policies on advanced directives, Resident rights and discrimination. Assist in completing admissions paperwork as needed for newly admitted residents and families. Assist in conducting tours for potential new residents and/or representative as needed. Conduct and document a social services evaluation, including identification of Resident problems/needs. Provide/arrange for social work services as indicate by Resident/family needs. Assist Residents, as needed, with financial planning, including assistance with Medicaid applications or securing other financial resources when eligible. Keeps the Resident’s family informed or Resident problems, personal needs, transfers and changes of level assignment. Maintains a current list of community resources to facilitate referrals. Monitors environment and resident/staff behaviors to assure resident safety. Pursues protective services, guardianship, etc for residents who do not have a responsible party when or whose responsible party is not acting in the resident’s best interest and if the resident is deemed incompetent. Assists residents to make appointments and arrange transportation as needed for outside appointments, dental services, eye doctors, etc. Working knowledge and ability to apply professional standards of social work practice in job situations. Able to establish criteria to assure that services provided meet established standards of quality. Demonstrate satisfactory level of interpersonal skills to interact with residents, families, community and interdisciplinary staff. Demonstrate assessment skills sufficient to evaluate residents’ behavior, to collect data to evaluate psychosocial needs, risk factors for psycho-social deterioration and residents’ responses to interventions. Able to interpret and explain resident behavior to staff in way that fosters understanding, facilitates treatment and respect for resident rights and minimizes use of chemical and physical restraints. Able to complete the RAI process in a timely manner and maintain/update care plans as needed to meet resident needs. Assists to coordinate family meetings and facilitates such meetings to assure residents and families are kept informed of condition changes and interventions. Able to implement social service interventions that achieve treatment goals, address resident needs, link social supports, physical care and physical environment to enhance quality of life. Tracks PASARR screenings, OBRA screenings, and other related mental health screenings to assist the resident in maintaining financial status and nursing home eligibility. Able to express self adequately in written and/or oral communication and to communicate effectively in and interdisciplinary care setting with residents, families, staff members. Carries out all duties in accord with the facility mission and philosophy. Demonstrates knowledge of and respect for the rights, dignity and individuality of each resident in all interactions. Appreciates the importance of maintaining confidentiality of resident and facility information. Demonstrates honesty and integrity at all times in the care and use of resident and facility property. Knowledge of emergency and disaster procedures of facility. Able to locate nearest exit, to understand and respond to written or oral instructions in case of emergency. Sufficient mobility, and strength to move freely through the building, to assure resident safety at all times and to assist, transfer or otherwise move residents of facility out of danger in case of emergency.