State of Nebraska Developmental Disabilities Service Coordinator in LaVista, Nebraska

Developmental Disabilities Service Coordinator


$16.79 Hourly


LaVista, NE

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Health & Human Services Department

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7/20/2018 11:59 PM Central

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Examples of Work

Under general supervision, coordinate and oversee the delivery of services to persons with intellectual or other developmental disabilities including, but not limited to: assessment and eligibility determination; development of Individual Program Plans, Individual Family Support Plans, and Support Plans; referrals; monitoring provision of services; performs related work as required. Perform assessments of persons desiring service(s) including the following: obtain and confirm information to determine eligibility; gather information from other sources to determine amount and types of services provision including activities that focus on needs identification; determine the need for medical, educational, social, or other services; take individual history to document life events; complete related documentation. Conduct service plan development including: coordinating the development of the Individual Program Plan, Individual Family Support Plan or the Annual Supports Plan in conjunction with the individual, family, and service providers for specialized and generic services based on assessment information. Document in the Service Plan the goals of services to be provided to the individual and actions to address the habilitation, medical, social, educational, and other services needed, including activities such as ensuring the active participation of the individual and working with the individual and others to develop such goals and identify a course of action to respond to the assessed needs of the individual. Make referrals and coordinate related activities to help an individual obtain needed habilitation services, medical, social, educational providers, or other programs and services. May make referrals to providers for needed services and schedule appointments for the individual. Complete monitoring and follow-up activities with the individual, family members, providers, or other entities to ensure that the service plan is effectively implemented and adequately addresses the needs of the individual, and whether there are changes in the needs or status of the individual that warrant making necessary adjustments in the service plan and service arrangements with providers. Serve as liaison for the individual and family with service provider and the community.

Hours: 8-5, Monday - Friday.

Qualifications / Requirements

REQUIREMENTS: Bachelors degree and professional experience in: education, psychology, social work, sociology, human services, or a related field and experience in services or programs for person with intellectual or other developmental disabilities.

PREFERRED: Experience with habilitation, program writing, program implementation, assessments, team facilitation, experience with working with individuals with disabilities. Experience in Word, Excel, Outlook, Nfocus and Therap.

OTHER: Valid driver's license or the ability to provide independent authorized transportation.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Knowledge of: current practices in the field of community-based services for persons with intellectual disabilities and other services for persons with developmental disabilities; person-centered program planning; the principles of normalization; provision of habilitation services; positive behavioral supports; statutes and regulations pertaining to delivery of services for individuals with developmental disabilities. Ability to: assess the needs of persons with intellectual or other developmental disabilities; evaluate assessments; determine eligibility; develop and assess individual program plans and individual family support plans; mobilize resources to meet individual needs; communicate effectively to exchange information; develop working relationships with individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities, their families, interdisciplinary team members, agency representatives, and individuals oradvocacy groups; analyze behavioral data; conduct formal assessments; monitor services provided; apply agency and program rules, policies, and procedures; organize, evaluate, and address program/operational data.