Booker DiMaio, LLC Database Administrator - All Levels in Northern Virginia, Virginia

Database Administrator - All Levels

Description: The candidate will work with Senior DBAs for an Enterprise Database optimized for Reporting requirements Assist Senior DBAs in creating and updating ETL jobs based on customer requirements. Provide advice to application programmers in the effective use of database languages; advise on troubleshooting, exception processing needs and other data management issues. Maintain availability and integrity of databases through multiple access schemes; facilitate sharing of common data by overseeing proper key and index management and data dictionary maintenance. May evaluate and recommend testing and evaluation of new procedures, software, and hardware. Monitor and manage database backups; restore and/or recover data as required. Create and maintain various documents such as ETL processes and testing procedures. Monitor ETL logs and manage ETL backups; restore and/or recover ETL jobs as required. Coordinate with various project teams and provide input during project design and development to ensure production of quality products. Work with Senior DBAs to provide technical guidance to both Project Managers and other application developers during the development process. Meet with data tier customers and project representatives to understand their data and table / view requirements. The contractor will work in a team environment understanding the importance of collaboration. Contractor will have experience developing applications with a relational database.

Mandatory Skills: 1. Demonstrated experience supporting business systems connecting to enterprise databases.

  1. Demonstrated experience connecting and interfacing with enterprise databases.

  2. Demonstrated ability to work with partners and customers to recognize and resolve their connections or data issues.

  3. Demonstrated experience with one or more of the following: Programming Languages ANSI SQL, PL/SQL, System Connection Types JDBC, ODBC, DB Links, Security Protocols TCP, TCPS

  4. Familiarity with Amazon Web Services and features.

Optional Skills: 1. Demonstrated experience with software engineering and database development skills.

  1. Demonstrated experience with ETL software.

  2. Demonstrated experience with Agile development methodology.

  3. Demonstrated full life-cycle development experience of mission critical applications.

  4. Demonstrated experience with business data structure requirements in a data warehouse.

  5. Demonstrated willingness to take on new challenges and work with emerging technologies such as Amazon Web Services, RedShift and Aurora.

  6. Familiarity with version control systems such as GittHub or Subversion.

  7. Willingness to work flexible hours.

  8. Demonstrated ability to promote teamwork with partners and customers including facilitation and negotiation to resolve problems at all levels.