Booker DiMaio, LLC IT Program Manager - Expert in Northern Virginia, Virginia

IT Program Manager - Expert

Sponsor is seeking an IT Program Manager who will directly support the Sponsor Program Manager. This resource will engage mission partners and stakeholders to gather, analyze, and compose technical requirements in support of the development and deployment of a secure, seamless, end-to-end content production and dissemination system. This system will initially supplant the many disparate systems presently in use by the sponsor and may ultimately be propagated across the Sponsor Partners to facilitate analytic production, coordination, collaboration, and dissemination. The candidate will assist in the determination of both technical and business goals in consultation with top management and contribute to detailed plans, ensuring the accomplishment of these goals. The candidate will assist with horizontal integration planning to fully realize mission imperatives, and interface with correlative functional areas. The candidate will ensure technical solutions and schedules are implemented in a timely fashion. Expert will assist in the development of change management and communications strategies to ensure stakeholder buy-in and to identify and mitigate potential cultural and policy impacts. Responsible for analyzing internal and external customer needs. Identifies and determines process/procedural solutions to problems and suggest potential equipment and software. Analyzes applications, business, and all other data processing problems for application to data production systems. Analyzes user requirements, procedures, and problems to automate or improve existing and new systems. Reviews system capabilities, workflow, and scheduling limitations. May analyze or recommend commercially available software. Guides and facilitates business requirement understanding with developers, technical and database architects. Performs process modeling in support of the planning and analysis efforts using both manual and automated tools. Applies reverse engineering and re-engineering disciplines to develop strategic and planning documents. Provides group facilitation, interviewing, training, and provides additional forms of knowledge transfer. Constructs sound, logical business improvement opportunities consistent with corporate Information Management guiding principles, cost savings, and system architecture objectives. Key coordinator between multiple project teams to ensure enterprise-wide integration of re-engineering efforts. Project responsibilities are listed below Assist Sponsor Program Manager in the development of a seamless, end-to-end production and dissemination system using an open source, micro service framework. Serve as a key resource in the management and implementation of mission engagement activities to include facilitating TEMS between production SMEs, business process analysts, end users, and developers. Interact with contractor & service providers to identify and implement scalable solutions for optimizing operating efficiency of production systems and processes. Work independently and as part of a team to identify required functionality and efficient operating solutions for specific production workflows. Leverage extensive technical and/or business knowledge of multiple areas (technical, business, applications, etc.) in support of production management activities. Consult with and provide guidance to production SMEs to ensure coordination across project development teams, and Sponsor team members. Consult and coordinate with the appropriate Task Manager for problem resolution, task scheduling, new requirements, training needs, and clarification. Develop, assess, document and track program requirements. Compose technical documents, including users manuals and training guides. Communicate incidents, problems, and escalations to internal and external partners.

Mandatory Skills: 1. Recent, within the last 3 years, demonstrated experience in all aspects of analytic production workflow and systems to include creation, coordination, collaboration, review, visual production, dissemination, and respective mission drivers and policies.

  1. Recent, within the last 3 years, demonstrated experience mapping processes, identifying, analyzing and implementing scalable solutions for optimizing operative efficiency of production systems and processes.

  2. Recent, within the last 3 years, demonstrated experience defining production workflow and technical requirements for systems that utilize an open source, micro service framework.

  3. Recent, within the last 3 years, demonstrated experience with requirements tracking and management tool use by the s17-ponsor to include, but not limited to tools such as JIRA.

  4. Recent, within the last 3 years, demonstrated requirements management experience within an Agile methodology.

  5. Recent, within the last 3 years, demonstrated experience interacting with multi-level stakeholders, development teams, and mission users.

Optional Skills: 1. Recent, within the last 3 years, demonstrated experience effectively communicating Mission requirements to software developers.

  1. Recent within the last 3 years, demonstrated experience creating, drafting, and reviewing program documentation.

  2. Recent, within the last 3 years, demonstrated experience in problem resolution to include organizing and structuring solutions to complex problems. This includes the ability to plan projects, meet objectives, develop contingencies, and produce schedules.

Certification Requirements: Non Pubs: (U) ADDITIONAL DESIRED SKILLS 1. Demonstrated working level understanding of the Mission Customers Project Management Framework. 2. Demonstrated on-the-job experience working with DDI/ITE/PDSG. 3. Demonstrated experience or knowledge of Directorate of Analysis mission needs and operations. 4. Demonstrated on-the-job experience working in an IC all-source analytic environment.