Booker DiMaio, LLC Systems Analyst - All Levels in Northern Virginia, Virginia

Systems Analyst - All Levels

Description: Customer is looking for a Systems Analyst with experiences and interest to conduct massive data analytics in support of mission. The appropriate candidate will be solving dynamic problems as they arise by creating/using big data tooling and analysis techniques. The problem set being worked is diverse, and mission operators will provide requirements that provide latitude to arrive at creative solutions. The appropriate candidate will also require SQL knowledge and need to be experienced with geospatial analysis along with a variety of geospatial tools and libraries.

Mandatory Skills: 1. Demonstrated work experience translating bulk data into formats.

  1. Demonstrated work experience as targeter or all-source analyst directly working with big data.

  2. Demonstrated work experience analyzing data collected via IC managed airborne platforms in a temporal and spatial context, to include experience using ESRI ArcGIS geospatial analysis systems.

  3. Demonstrated work experience manipulating structured and unstructured data for analysis.

  4. Demonstrated work experience constructing complex queries and analyzing results in a data processing development environment.

  5. Demonstrated work experience working with systems and data derived from telecommunication protocols (802.11; CDMA; GSM; UMTS), as well as high-frequency and microwave communications.

  6. Demonstrated work experience with SQL query development, incorporating geospatial libraries such as Oracle Spatial, PostGIS, or Netezza.

Optional Skills: 1. Demonstrated work experience loading, manipulating, managing, and visualizing large datasets using open source or commercial tools.

  1. Experience with software development using modern languages (e.g. Python, R, Java).

  2. Experience creating and using data models to conduct analysis.

  3. Experience working with collection methodologies specific to collecting and analyzing PCAP in bulk and streaming analytics.

  4. Demonstrated experience working with Sponsor/Project.